What is FIRO-B?

Introduction to the FIRO-B Needs Analysis

FIRO-B stands for Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behaviour. It was originally developed to identify how military personnel would work together in groups.

FIRO-B explains how personal needs affect interpersonal relationships. It provides a useful focus for leadership development, teambuilding, mentoring programmes and organisational change.

The instrument measures how individuals behave toward others and the behaviours they want back. At team level, FIRO-B helps to describe group norms/team culture, the compatibility of individuals and their orientation to working in teams. Areas of harmony

Insights are provided into leadership styles and levels of visibility within an organisation. These are especially important if the leader needs to persuade and influence others.

Interpretation of an individual's FIRO-B profile can provide further insights into areas such as:

  • How individuals "come across" to others and why this may not be the real person, nor the impression they intended to create.
  • How and why conflict develops between well-meaning people.
  • How people can manage their own needs as they interact with others.