Preferential Procurement


DURATION: 2 days


Preferential Procurement in the Public Sector

  • Explains the processes followed by the Public Sector

Planning for Tenders

  • Estimating the price of each tender
  • Determining the appropriate preference point system for evaluating the tenders
  • Defining the deliverables or performance indicators for assessing tenders

General Conditions

  • Preference for locally manufactured products
  • Completing and signing the declaration
  • Substantiation of claims with regard to preference
  • Taking discounts into account
  • Different prices for different periods of a contract
  • Preference points for specified goals


  • Correctness of information
  • Authority of signatory to the tender document
  • Documentary proof regarding any tender issue will be submitted when required

Tender Evaluations and Awards

  • Tender committees
  • Evaluation process
  • Award process 
  • BEE scorecards

Penalties for Fraud or Misrepresentation

  • Recovery of costs, losses or damages incurred or suffered
  • Cancellation of the contract
  • Impositi
  • Restriction on obtaining future business

Tax Clearance

  • Tax clearance certification

Specific goals

  • Selection of measurable and quantifiable tender goals to assist RDP goals
  • Method of calculation of points for specified goals.
  • Monitoring compliance with such goals.