What does the CMS Template package include?

The Standard package includes:

Content Management System (CMS)

Update your web content as often as desired.

Unlimited page creation

You have unlimited access to update and create new content on your website up to the maximum disk space allowed by your hosting package.

Contact form (including CAPTCHA)

Standard contact form is provided. Customisation of up to 15 fields is allowed. Email address needs to be provided that the form should be sent to.

Technical Support

For up to 3 months

Site-wide search functionality

A powerful search feature that allows for searching across your entire site.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) modules:

  • Meta tags - allows for managing different meta tags per page (keywords, description)
  • Page titles - allows for managing seperate HTML page titles per page

Gallery feature

Allows for multiple galleries and unlimited images in each gallery. Provides user-friendly browseable slide show / lightbox.

Media download feature

Allows you to upload mp3's that are displayed using an embedded music player.

Blog feature

A simple and easy-to-use blog that allows for multiple users and tagging of content.

Events feature

Date based event items displayed in easy-to-use calendar.

News feature

Allows you to post news articles - displayed in the news section of the page.