Public Finance Management Act (3 Days)


DURATION: 3 days

The programme follows the structure of the Public Finance Management Act (No. 1 of 1999, as amended). The depth to which we go in each section depends on the needs of the client.


National Treasury

  • Establishment, functions and powers
  • Banking, cash management and investment framework
  • Annual consolidated financial statements
  • Financial statistics and aggregation

National Revenue Fund

  • Control of the National Revenue Fund
  • Deposits into the National Revenue Fund
  • Withdrawals and investments from the National Revenue Fund
  • Use of funds in emergency situations

Provincial Treasuries

  • Functions and powers
  • Annual consolidated financial statements
  • Delegations by provincial treasuries

Provincial Revenue Funds

  • Control of Provincial Revenue Funds
  • Deposits by provincial departments into Provincial Revenue Funds
  • Withdrawals from Provincial Revenue Funds
  • Use of funds in emergency situations

National Budgets

  • Annual appropriations
  • National budgets
  • Multi-year budget projections
  • Expenditure before annual budget is passed
  • National and Provincial adjustment budgets
  • Publishing of reports on state of budgets
  • Withholding of appropriated funds
  • Unauthorised expenditure
  • Unfunded mandates

Departments and Constitutional Institutions 

  • Appointment of Accounting Officers
  • Responsibilities of accounting officers
  • Assignment of powers and duties by accounting officers
  • Responsibilities of other officials

Public Entities 

  • Classification of public entities
  • Accounting authorities for public entities
  • Fiduciary duties and general responsibilities of Accounting Authorities
  • Annual budgets and corporate plans
  • Information to be submitted, annual reports and financial statements
  • Assignment of powers and duties by accounting authorities
  • Responsibilities of other officials
  • External auditors
  • Duties and powers of Auditor-General

Executive Authorities

  • Financial responsibilities of
  • Executive directions with financial implications
  • Tabling in legislatures

Loans, Guarantees and Other Commitments    

  • General principles
  • Loans by national government

General Treasury Matters

  • Treasury regulations and instructions
  • Audit committees
  • Publishing of draft treasury regulations for public comment
  • Departures from treasury regulations, instructions or conditions
  • Determination of interest rates for debt owing to state

Financial Misconduct

  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Criminal proceedings

Accounting Standards Board

  • Establishment and composition
  • Functions and powers
  • Regulations on accounting standards


  • Exemptions
  • Schedules