About Re:engage

The Four P’s of Business Marketing

Traditionally the four factors of marketing any business have been defined in terms of “The Four P’s”:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

The fifth P has more recently been added, and is the most important. The fifth P is the foundation on which the other four P’s must be overlaid.
This fifth P?


People are at the heart of all businesses. Money, time and energy spent on developing a product, pricing it correctly, identifying the correct market for it and promoting the product into that market will yield, at best, limited return unless the people involved in all parts of the process are engaged and committed to its success.

At Re:engage our emphasis is on the people aspect of a business. We believe that the fifth P, the PEOPLE factor, is the foundation on which all businesses are built.

Engaged Employees

Engaged employees, from senior management to frontline and general support staff, are emotionally connected to their organisation and its goals. They see their personal success as an extension of the success of the business. As a result, they channel their efforts beyond the minimum required, and the organisation reaps the benefit of their engagement.

Re:engage is committed to assisting companies to develop the engagement of their people. With a series of interventions ranging from the improvement of technical competencies and interpersonal skills to more sophisticated management development, Re:engage is well placed to assist any organisation to improve its bottom-line performance through the development of its people and their subsequent levels of engagement.